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Julia Ewart

Councillor for
East Suffolk Council
Kelsale & Yoxford Ward

“My passion for delivering much needed but realistic solutions is my winning formula. I’m not maintaining change is easy but by working together & listening to what’s really happening and what people want then it’s not too difficult to make great progress, especially if help is really needed. I guess that’s a key characteristic of being a LibDem – being genuinely concerned.”

Julia Ewart Signature

As a trusted ‘go-to’ for all residents, Julia is always able to turn her hand to the needs of others, bringing people together, whilst delivering better outcomes.

Julia Ewart,

Strong Performer

An effective media performer and public speaker, Julia has been called upon to be on TV and radio many times. She has delivered speeches at events, public meetings and throughout GE 2019.

Julia Ewart,

Local District Champion

Julia is a strong grass-roots activist who came to mainstream politics to ensure that much more was done for the community she supports.

Julia Ewart,

Experienced Campaigner

Julia understands the need to campaign all year round, in preparation for Local and General Elections.

Julia is a winner!

In every election Julia uses her team building experience, significantly increases the membership, develops a revenue stream and enhances Local Party commitment.

In GE19 Candidate Julia delivered an 8% swing to the Liberal Democrats and more than doubled the party vote.

Julia Ewart,

“Let’s be frank, many Suffolk residents, particularly women, are
poised to shift their vote to deliver wholesale political change Winning will ALL be about personality over party.

Julia Ewart, Vince Cable
Julia Ewart,
Julia Ewart

Trust worthy. Understanding. Visible. All key characteristics required to win!”