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PPC Selection Winner!

It is time to make a change!

“I am delighted and reassured to have been selected yet again in the Suffolk Coastal PPC campaign selection and MP. I am grateful for the support of my voters.”

“I am excited to begin this new chapter of my political career and to work as the PPC to make a difference in our community.”

“I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to be a successful future parliamentary candidate. I am committed to serving the people of coastal Suffolk, within our local region, making a positive impact day after day.”

“Locals simply want an MP that will work hard, that will listen to their needs and deliver on their promises.”

“Thank you again to everyone who voted for me. I am grateful for your support and I look forward to working with you to make our community a better place.”

“I hope my winning will encourage many others to join the party, after all to win we’re going to need all the support possible. Let’s make history in the General Election – 2024


Residents are saying with their votes that they‘ve had enough of the Conservative Party. 

Elections results are totally different to before. LibDems are winning and so are the public in returning hardworking LibDem MPs.

It’s not no longer impossible for Suffolk to abandon the Conservative party, after all in Suffolk Coastal there are only two Tory district councillors left after the May 2023 elections. Change has been made and must be delivered at the top too!

The public want change, and Julia Ewart is an ideal candidate to deliver it.

Julia Ewart,

A personal message from Julia

Since being 17 I have had an interest in politics.  I did a set of television programmes which saw me meet incredible characters from the 70’s. My husband tells me that after seeing those my passion for politics made so much more sense. ‘Real, concerned and always one to care deeply’ he said.  Well I guess that observation makes a lot of sense.

I got involved because I care passionately that everyone is safe and cared for and that our services run efficiently and that everyone is given the opportunities they need to get on.  Now that’s not to say we should spoon feed society but it’s hard to climb from the bottom up and having lived through so much I totally get those challenges.

Well that’s where I can help.

To be in politics you have to be broadly educated,  have a wealth of strong skills, the stamina of an ox and the compassion to deal with people as if they’re your own family.

I feel confident to have most of those. I work well in a team and I deliver non stop.  As a creative strategist I have abundant thoughts about policy and with a realistic understanding of fiscal issues I totally subscribe to everything coming at a cost.

It’s time for change locally and nationally.
I’ve thankfully earned a seat on the council and if I can go higher then trust me so many more people will benefit from that achievement

LibDem Stock Photo – Somerset & Frome By-election July 2023