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Julia Ewart,

Julia Ewart

Councillor for East Suffolk Council Kelsale & Yoxford Ward

“Let’s be frank, many Suffolk residents, particularly women, are poised to shift their vote to deliver wholesale political change. Winning will all be about personality over party.”

Julia Ewart Signature

Julia is a winner!

In every election Julia uses her team building experience, significantly increases the membership, develops a revenue stream and enhances Local Party commitment.

Julia Ewart, Vince Cable
Julia Ewart,
Julia Ewart

Julia’s Policy List

Broad Health & Dental services – With Care for our Elderly

As an MP, total healthcare will be a priority for me both locally and nationally. I recognise the colossal issues and stresses brought about by the lack of capacity to treat patients, the staff challenges at every level and the continual underfunding of this much needed service. These all-impacts Ipswich Hospital and its associated services.

Cohesive Care is what we must value and should be re-established, especially in our rural towns and villages. Having worked in the NHS, and now as Cabinet VC to Community Health for East Suffolk Council and as Chair to the PPG of my local surgery, I understand firsthand the immense challenges, and would champion change such change tirelessly if elected.

Julia Ewart elders health
Julia Ewart green climate action

Climate Crisis

I will make a strong voice of reason for stopping the outrageous local sewage diposal and advocate for Sizewell C and the mandated renewable power programmes being rolled out swiftly, efficiently and sustainably. We must propose legislation to support all properties to accommodate solar/renewable energy installations and new builds to be future proofed in the first instance.

“Environmental LibDems like me have net zero on our sights – more than can be said for the current Conservative government!”

Great Education Comes From Healthy Home & Civic Lifestyle

I’ve focused on getting children from disadvantaged backgrounds on the education map. I want to ensure our young, particularly with the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic, are given every ‘opportunity’ available as part of their education.

I endorse that interest creates enthusiasm and enthusiasm delivers career and lifestyle choices. A secure family, good diet, opportunities to exercise, access to transport and a wholesome lifestyle enhances every child’s chances. Our rural children must be given the same funding for this as their urban peer group.

The ‘cost of living crisis’ is enormously influential and impactful in this regard.

Julia Ewart lifestyle choices

Trust worthy. Understanding. Visible. All key characteristics required to win!




“Not only did I WIN my District Council Seat of Kelsale and Yoxford, but I gained a whopping 111% more votes than the Tory candidate.”